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We Hear You

We are very saddened by this unfortunate situation involving our dog Roxy and Mr. Myrick.

Please know that our dogs are not only specially-trained bed bug sniffing experts, but also loved and irreplaceable members of our team. They are family to us. As a matter of fact, we are a family-owned small business with over 40 frontline essential workers and 5 dogs, who have worked courageously and tirelessly throughout this pandemic to provide essential services that protect the public's health and food supply. In order to safeguard the livelihood of our employees as well as our dogs Roxy, Riley, Dexter, Buzz, and Benji, we would like to clarify the facts that led to this situation.

Each of our dogs are rescue puppies. The owners of our company drive from New York to Florida to personally adopt each pup and to provide them with love, care, and extensive training to become certified in bed bug detection, a process that takes several months. Only after Roxy had been adopted, trained, and brought into our family for a year did she finally meet Mr. Myrick, who was hired by our company to be Roxy's handler and caretaker. Our company has assumed all of the expenses of caring for Roxy, including her food, supplies, toys, and vet bills. When our dogs reach retirement age or are no longer able to work, we allow our handlers to adopt our dogs, while we continue to cover all the expenses for the rest of their lives. When an old ex-handler wasn't able to adopt our first dog Champ, another of our employees lovingly cared for him until he passed away. If one handler becomes unable to work with our dog, we will match our dog with another qualified handler.

In mid-March, 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic battered New York City, Mr. Myrick asked to take two weeks off and told us that he would return to work at the end of the month. But when the CARES Act was signed into law on March 25th, granting an additional $600 per week in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance on top of regular unemployment benefits, Mr. Myrick requested to be furloughed for a few more weeks so he could stay home and receive unemployment until the pandemic was under control.

Although the majority of our employees continued working as essential frontline workers, in order to be accommodating to those who felt uncomfortable working, we agreed. Mr. Myrick also asked us to allow Roxy and her dog supplies, including her food, grooming tools, and kennel that we provided, to stay with him because he assured us that he would return to work soon. However, this was never to be the case.

Throughout April, May, and June, Mr. Myrick repeatedly led us to believe that he intended to return to work as promised. After he emailed us his negative COVID test result, as is required before coming back to work, Mr. Myrick agreed to return to work on June 11th and to pick up his uniform, vehicles, and supplies. But on that day, Mr. Myrick informed us that he had already permanently moved from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, taking Roxy with him, which made it difficult for him to work for us in New York City. In an effort to keep him together with Roxy, we tried to find ways for him to continue working for us. But when we asked Mr. Myrick to return to the office for a follow up meeting on June 15th to explore the possibilities, Mr. Myrick did not show up and instead emailed us on June 22nd confirming that he had permanently relocated and decided to end his relationship with our company.

After that, Mr. Myrick disappeared. He refused to respond to our repeated calls, emails, texts, and letters.

With Barry not responding, we were deeply concerned about Roxy's well-being. Not knowing where or how Roxy was, how she was being treated or cared for, we had no choice but to seek our legal remedies so that we could rightfully return her to her family in New York. While we regret that the situation has escalated to this extent, we have heard your concerns. We will do our best to work towards a fair and just resolution, and we will do what's right for Roxy.

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